Saturday, 23 February 2013


    I will not support talks with terrorists,This is unjust and Hippocratic behavior from them now.

    Why our politicians want to talk with terrorists after 10 years of brutal killing of innocent  civilians?

   One thing is clear whatever type of terrorist operating in Pakistan they are not "Muslims" but "AGENTS". The invader now leaving and there is no backup available for terrorist  any more, So that's why they want to TALK.

    All the terrorists must be killed because they are trained for killing not talking and when they are cornered and left alone by their sponsor then they want to talk through their spotters in power. If they announce to give up terrorism and present their self for fair trail then it will be the only way to think about, but first they must be unarmed and all their leaders must be under arrest, and I know they won't face the trials but they will blackmail to safe their skin. Don't forget over 40000 innocent killings in Pakistan and thousands in other countries. For these type of extremist I must take and support extreme actions to eradicate,  wipe out, crush and buried them from our motherland, as they played and playing dirty games of hide and seek. Now it is the duty of Pakistan security agencies to launch a final blow up operation and eradicate these terrorists from our motherland for forever." OR they must be arrested and brought to justice. So people can see their real ugly faces.